Glamp Your Land... all the way Home

Are you considering investing in land but unsure if it's the right fit? Our Glamping solutions allow you to easily and quickly experience your land before making expensive building commitments with our unique luxury service. We help you find the Right Solution, the Best Spot/Views, and do all the Setup... You simply arrive, and Glamp Your Land!

Solutions for... Every Situation

Rent to Explore, Buy to Keep

Rent one of our Glamping kits and immerse yourself in the beauty and serenity of your new land. We bring elegance to living off the grid. In addition to the freedom you'll experience, our unique solutions do not require permits. We offer a variety of movable or permanent packaged options and can guide you through customization. Comfortable, elegant and spacious, live in while building your dream home, or keep as a vacation rental.

Community Integration

In partnership with local Realtors, we'll introduce you to the surrounding community. Helping you feel at home, connected, and understanding of the local culture.

Permaculture Consultations

Unlock the full potential of your land with our permaculture consultations. Learn sustainable farming practices and maximize the value of your investment.

Sustainable, Regenerative Living

Experience the True Essence of Land Ownership. Contact us today to book your off-grid Glamping experience and embark on a journey of discovery.

In partnership with local Realtors

Find Your land in Costa Rica

Our Mission

We're dedicated to guiding individuals towards a life free from the constraints of the grid and the daily grind. Our mission is to empower our clients with the knowledge of the abundant opportunities that come with property ownership in flourishing environments. Through accessible permaculture consultations and off-grid living solutions, we're forging a path towards true freedom and abundance for all.

Curious? Drop us a line, we are here to guide you.

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