Solutions for Every Situation
  • Guidance to the Right Solution

  • Rent or Buy or simply decide later

  • Selecting the Best Location(s) and Views,

  • and WE do ALL the SETUP (and more)

You simply arrive, and Glamp Your Land

Temporary or Short-term

Long-term or Permanent

Boutique Fully Furnished

Customized or Unfurnished

Off-grid Living Made Easy:
Sustainable, Regenerative Living

Immerse yourself in the beauty and serenity of your new land. Live off-grid in comfort and elegance while building your dream home.

Explore your Property with Inspiring Glamping Solutions

Packages Include:

  • Full setup and removal.

  • Furnished 5 Meter Dia. Air-Dome with Decorative Indoor/Outdoor site lighting.

  • Off-Grid Amenities Lorry

One-time Set-up/Removal Fee Starting @ $2,000

Weekly/Monthly Rates Starting @ $1,500/$3,500

For-Rental Options
For-Purchase Options
Full Amenities Lorry

All Packages Include:

  • Full setup with Elegant Indoor/Outdoor lighting.

  • Furnishing Options Ranging from $1,200-$4,200

  • Off-Grid Amenities Lorry Starting @ $18,000


  • Solar Array + Gen. & Rainwater Collection + Tank.

  • Kitchenet: Includes Cooktop, Small Fridge, Counter & Sink, Smart Storage Solutions.

  • Private Rain-shower with Insta-hot & cold water.

  • Private Compost Toilet Room.

  • Mobility & Service-free Flexibility Design

Prefab Single and Multi-Domes or Custom Construction:

  • 5-, 6-, 7-, & 8-Meter Geodesic in Recycled Plastic or Fabric. Ranging from $4,000 up to $12,000

  • Custom Solutions Starting @ $6,000

  • Custom Decks for various conditions Starting @ $2,500

  • In-home Kitchen & Bath Options Starting @ $6,000

Furnishings? We got you covered!

Select from one of our Pura Vida Packages or Customize with your unique taste. Either way, the table will be set, and bed made when you arrive.