Some Things About Us
Our Vision

We envision a world where people can discover the profound sense of freedom, fulfillment, and happiness through simple acts like harvesting their own food. From the therapeutic benefits of dwelling in spaces inspired by natural curves to the transformative power of alchemical experiences, our mission is to inspire individuals to share their journey with others. Through this collective effort, we catalyze positive change, offering everyone the chance to embrace a life of true freedom.


In the beginning...

The journey began when I started researching land to buy in Costa Rica with the intention of self-sustainability which would include being off grid. Personally, envisioning a life of freedom. As I was looking at the various options for land in majestic Costa Rica, I began to wonder if it were possible to somehow experience land before I bought it…

And how does one even begin with regards to living off the grid? Whammo! The idea to glamp your land hit me. After many hours scouring the interwebs and a million phone calls, I was able to put together what I call a glamping kit, making it possible for anyone to come and explore land before they buy.

We’ve added a few additional features to help your transition to a lifestyle of freedom and abundance more seamless and fun. With our expert permaculture consultants and drone footage, leaving the grid for good or creating a beautiful reprieve space for you, your family and maybe even 10 of your besties to share in the adventure.

We are happy you’re here and look forward to sharing this venture with you.

People and Culture

Our people are what make us unique. With local sourcing of construction and installation teams, we support regenerative environmental and community practices that support the earth and professional growth.

We are strong believers in collaboration with local partners. Our team has come together with the help and referrals of our local and international partners, providing regenerative community engagement.


Dir. of Experience and Joy


Regenerative Agriculture

Eco+Pre-Fab Partner